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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

7 habits of highly effective "losers"

By losers of course I mean people that lose weight.

Sorry Stephen Covey, it's catchy.

Millions of people lose weight every year. Problem is that most of that weight is gained back and then a little extra is added on for good measure.

It today's short post I am going to bullet point the 7 habits of people that manage to keep the weight off. Some of these may surprise you.

HABIT #1: They start with a true purpose. I once read a story of a man who tried and tried to lose the weight and he couldn't. Then one day his daughter was dying and needed a kidney. He could give her his kidney but there was a problem: he was to fat. Do you want to take bets on whether that dude lost the weight.

You know he did.

My friend Autumn was 300+ lbs was told straight faced by a doctor that, at 23, she wouldn't see her 30th birthday. That didn't sit well with her and her two babies. She lost the weight.

My friend Brittany is on a weigh loss journey. Her's started when she couldn't perform CPR on a dummy because she was to fat. PURPOSE. 

Find you true reason and purpose for losing the weight and you'll be amazing how quickly the fat comes off.

HABIT #2: They do it the hard way. We all know what the "easy" way is. It's the newest pill or newest diet of the latest craze of this or that. Perhaps surgery.

None of that crap works. Those that do it the hard way ALWAYS succeed. Those that try the latest "craze" almost always fail.

HABIT #3: They create a weight loss synergy. I don't think I have ever heard of a long term success story that starts with, "I lost the weight first through diet then I started exercising...."

It just doesn't happen that way.

"I am going to start running everyday and lose the weight....." Are you changing your diet? No? Not a success habit.

You need to balance what you do. You need to take supplements. You need to exercise. You need to change the way you THINK about food. You basically need to change WHO YOU ARE.

HABIT #4: They "leverage" the scale. Those that create a  great weigh loss journey use the scale like this: "Weight went up today? Crap. Means I'm not doing enough or I need to re-adjust my path..."

"Down 5 lbs. BOOM! I am a champion! WAHOO!"

Those that stare at the scale and expect big numbers and get frustrated when they don't come lose in the end. The number on the scale is a victory every time! It means you are doing something right so keep doing it or it means TIME TO CHANGE.

HABIT #5: They use supplements. I'll be 100% honest. I have helped more people lose a weight in the last 2 years by helping to connect them with supplements then I did in the 12 years previous COMBINED but using diet and exercise as tools.

Your body needs to be balanced and detoxed before it can lose weight long term. This is 100% truth. You need probiotics for digestive health, you need omega's to fight inflammation, you need the correct micro-nutrition to help your body to absorb the macro-nutrition.

I believe people make two MAJOR mistakes when it comes to supplementation.

Mistake #1: They don't do it. If you think you get all your nutrition from the food you eat then you need to re-think that thought. It just doesn't happen. Sometimes people also say, "I don't do supplements" but yet drink coffee before a workout and chocolate milk after a workout. Those are supplements people. You need to supplement if you want to lose weight long term. PERIOD.

Mistake #2: People read an article online (where EVERYTHING is 100% true) and fancy themselves biochemical nutritional pharmacologists and buy 16 different supplements at Wal-Mart. How is it that you know more than the scientific and medical advisory board from  AdvoCare or any other company?

My advice on supplements is to stick with one company. Of course I think that AdvoCare is the best but if you like another company then stick with that. Don't mix and match. Stay with one company's system because likely the people that put it together and smarter then you or I.

HABIT #6: They workout in a progressive manner. This means that as the days and weeks go on you realize that the one that brought you to the dance isn't the one that is going to bring you home. Just because you lost 10 lbs walking 30 minute per day doesn't mean you are going to lose 20 that way.

Every time you workout you need to add things and make things harder. Challenge yourself to do a different exercise or do the same thing longer or faster.

If you are trying to lose weight long term to need to accept that everyday (or most days) you are going to physically exhaust yourself at the gym. If that is to hard then get used to being overweight. Sorry. Don't mean to be harsh but there is no compromise here. It's gonna be tough. Accept that an get to work.

HABIT #7: They don't view calories as the enemy. Very rarely do I hear of a long term success stay that begins with, "I cut my calories way back....."

If you don't eat you die. Is that what you want? Do you really think that eating caused you to gain weight? It's lack of eating followed by binge eating is what caused most people to gain weight.

It's as much about quality of food as it is about quantity. Have you ever heard someone lament the fact that all that broccoli they ate as a kid made them fat?

Ridiculous, right? It's just as ridiculous to try to "restrict" calories and lose weight. Do you need to stop eating CRAP? Absolutely.

Calories are a good thing. You need to eat to survive and you need to eat SMART to lose weight.

Those that succeed long term with weight loss treat food and calories as a ally and not an enemy.

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Did you get value out of today's post? If so please share with your friends. You never know when you could change someones life! 

To your success!
Rick Copley | Your Best Fitness Coach  | "Empowering YOU to be a champion" 
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