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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Difference Maker

The above picture showed up in my Facebook feed the other night. Why did this simply picture make me well up with tears of pride and joy?

It's because I made a difference in these ladies lives.

There is more to the story though.


The lady on the left is Delaney. We met her and her husband Gary at an AdvoCare mixer last August. At the time Delaney had just had her 6th child in 8 years and she was in desperate need of help losing weight. Gary needed to lose weight as well but he was a little more skeptical. 

I was hosting the mixer that night and said something that convinced them both that the AdvoCare program was worth the investment.

The both did the 24 Day Challenge and has some good results.

If the story ended there then butterfly effect that Delaney has created in her world never would have started and the impact that she and Gary are making on this world never would have been happening.

Thankfully that was not the end of the story.

They continued on products and got better and better results. To date they are both down over 50lbs and still losing! That is amazing but that is NOT what the story really is all about.

Back in January Delaney and Gary decided that making a difference in their own lives wasn't enough. They wanted to help others.  They decided that they were going to build a business based on helping others and MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 

In the past 6 months Delaney, working from home WHILE homeschooling those 6 kids, has started to earn a substantial income. As a matter of fact she is equaling her husbands income. 

That's right. In the process of helping people to lose weight and earn a pay check this family, who lives in a tiny Habitat for Humanity home, has doubled there income in 6 months AND in the process POSITIVELY AFFECTED dozens of other lives. They are building an ARMY of difference makers AND creating a legacy income that in going grow exponentially in the years to come. 

Teresa met Ashley Murphy at a bridal shower a few months ago.

They really didn't speak much then but a few weeks later Ashley contacted T and asked her about the 24 Day Challenge and losing weight. Ashley had set up a weight loss chart and was in the process of trying to lose weight though diet and exercise. In 3 months she was down 3 lbs.

She lost 7 lbs in the first 10 days of her challenge and she knew that the program worked and she decided that being a stay at home mom with no money was no good. As she likes to say, "Being a stay at home mom is no fun when you have to stay at home!"

Ashley kept losing weight and to this day is down 40 lbs and now a purpose that is MUCH stronger than simply to lose weight. She has gone about building an ARMY herself of people that want to lose weight, gain energy and earn income.

She now knows that this is her calling and she is determined to build a team and create a life for her family that is extraordinary. She also understand that in order to create this she has to help others to do the same.

Just like Delaney, Ashley is MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

When I started with Advocare 18 months ago the simple goal was to earn income. My business started to explode when I shifted my focus from earning a pay check to making a difference.

The emotions came to me the other night when I saw that I have started to make a difference in the lives of Ashley and Delaney, their family's and the legions of people that they are helping.

Is there anything better than knowing that you impacted someones life in a positive way?

Seeing these two ladies grow, mature and turn into leaders has been inspiring to me.

Seeing them develop a friendship based on mutual respect and admiration has really been the icing on the cake. 

All of this would not have happened if Teresa and I hadn't said yes to Advocare 18 months ago. Our lives may or may not have been different. I know that the impact that we have had on these two ladies just by introducing this business in a strong way is going to politely effect thousands of lives in the future. 

Wow. That is powerful.

Have you ever wondered if this could be for you? Just imagine for a moment what it feels like to have a hand in making someone smile like the smile you see in Ashley and Delaney. Thank about it. 


  1. This made me tear up. I too am glad that you and Teresa decided that you guys wanted to "earn some extra income" 18 months ago. I am still trying to let it all sink in that this is is going to happen...but I SEE IT!! I love being a part of yalls team and being your "3rd wheel"..I cant WAIT for what the future holds for all of the champs in your organization.

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