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Monday, August 2, 2010


Sometimes when I am bored I read. This, I’m sure is pretty common. Unlike most of the other people that read I often go back and read my own words. I am not ashamed to admit that I love reading my own stuff; strange but true.

So I was re-editing/reading parts of the first book just the other night and I got to thinking. I got thinking about the topics I was choosing to cover.

It used to be very technical. Eat this, don’t eat this. Do these exercises, don’t do these; and so on and so forth. I consider this technical information.

Details, if you will.

I’m not doing that as much recently. Now I write a lot more personal. I also am shooting more for inspiration and motivation. It’s different and there is a reason.

Let me explain.

Details are important. It’s vital to have a plan of attack. You need to know how to exercise and you need to know how to work out. These are the details my writing used to be focused on. I used to think that was my job. I am the expert and I need to be the one to tell people how to do things the right way.

I was dead wrong. That is not my job.

Eating right is simple. The workouts are basic.

It’s the coaching that you need from me; not the details.

OK. A test. Go to Google and do a search. Try this: “How to eat healthy”. It’ll take you .2 seconds and you’ll have 25 thousand articles and links to explore. All of them will tell you the same basic thing: don’t eat crap, drink water, eat your veggies, buy organic… etc.

Those are details and they are simple.

Same thing with workouts. These are 2.67 million books about how to work out. Heck, you don’t even need a book. Just walk everyday and you are on the right track. The resources are out there for you and they aren’t even hard to find.

It’s the decision to make the commitment to figure out the details that is hard. That’s half the battle. Once you get on your journey you are halfway there. Maybe even less. Figuring out your plan is maybe 10% of the battle. Sticking with it is where the rubber meets the road.

That, my friends, is why I do the bulk of my writing on motivation and person stories. Once you make the choice to change your habits the rest falls into place. Until you make that decision all the planning and details in the world aren’t going to do you a lick of good.

Part of my job is the details. You need to stop eating this and start eating this. You need to do 50 burpees, GO!

What good is that if you haven’t committed in your heart to succeed?

I believe my job is three fold.

Part one is to INSPIRE you to get started. This is the hard part. This is the part where you commit everything you have to succeeding and become willing to do your best and empty the tank. If I do my job properly then there is absolutely no way you can ever fail.

Part two is the details. For a person to succeed to his or her potential then part one must be 100% complete. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. People seem to want details well before they are ready to commit themselves. This can lead to failure. This can lead to using your excuses just because you can.

Two people came to class this morning that I didn’t think I would see today. This afternoon they got on a cruise ship. How easy it would have been to pull out the, “Sorry I missed class today. I had to pack” excuse?

Those two didn’t use that one nor would they ever. They are committed to what they are doing. When you are committed the details don’t matter.

Honestly if I do my job right then I am done. Once you are committed and I supply the details then the train won’t stop for anything. With some this is the case. Life, however, is what it is and sometimes commitments wane. So part of my job is to keep the commitment levels high. This is where my inspiration and motivation again come in. I keep you on task and on track.

The details don’t matter. It’s the mere fact that you committed to action and results that matters.

When you are truly ready and truly committed the details will make their way to you. The details will not help you otherwise.

Trust me. This isn’t my first rodeo.

I’ve seen people ask me again and again the same question. The details cease to be helpful when your action commitment to results goes south.

This becomes part three of my job. It’s almost like part one again. It now becomes my job to re-direct efforts to what works and re-inspire maximum commitment. This is hard work on my part. I am good at it though. This is when it really comes in handy to be involved in my program. I don’t let me people fall off.

You level of commitment determines your level of results. It really is that simple. It really is.

Get committed and stay committed and the world is yours.

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