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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My inner cynic bursts out!

People make things way to complex. It’s really pretty ridiculous.

Why do people make things complex? Well, they really don’t want you to succeed so they confuse the crap out of you trying to get you to buy more and more of whatever they are selling. Really, it’s quite a scam and it’s so widespread it’s silly.
Look at the diet industry.

Who would argue that the diet industry is not a multi-billion dollar industry?
Are American’s losing weight?

Look at the food and the drug industries. Good lord, I could go on all day about this one. What drugs really HEAL? Not many.

Which of the best selling foods are really healthy? Not that many anymore.
Don’t get me started on fast food.

The diet industry throws out lots of new stuff all the time. Low sugar vs. no sugar. Low carb vs. no carb vs. high carb. Fat is bad, fat is good. Yea, protein, boo protein. Blah, blah, blah.

The health club industry is even worse. Why do you suppose they have all those machines? Does a calf machine really work? Of course not. Why would they spend $3000 for a machine that serves no purpose and they know it?

The same reason they put nicotine in cigarettes. The same reason they put addictive “preservatives” in food. The same reason there are 4 billion different diet books in ever book store in the country. It’s the old smoke and mirror trick. Look over here while we steal more of your money…

I apologize for being so cynical. That seems to be my mood today. It’s about to get worse.

Why do these industries continue year after year to hurt the people they claim to be helping? We all know which direction the obesity epidemic is going, right? Dozens of industries and agencies, professionals and quacks, programs and facilities… and still our health is declining faster than Al Gore’s popularity when it snows in D.C.


Hello, people!! They are not on your side! The food industry sells more food to fat people. The health club industry sells more memberships (to people that don’t use them) to fat people. Doctors don’t see patients that are healthy.

Am I being overly cynical? I don’t give a crap.

Let me lay it on the line for YOU. Do you want to be healthy and look great? Do you want to walk by a mirror naked and stop to admire the view?

I should hope so.

Stop listening to the “experts” that say to buy yet another book, machine, membership or program and get down to brass tacks. All you need are three things and you are guaranteed to be successful. What are they?

Number ONE. Eat right. All the diet programs you hear about on TV or read about online are useless. You need to stop eating and drinking crap and start eating good food and drinking water. No it’s not alright to cheat. No “high fructose corn syrup” isn’t all that bad just because a web site (you’d never guess who put up that web site) says so. No, Diet Coke isn’t better than Coke. No, you don’t need to add Crystal Light to water to make it taste good. What did you eat yesterday? Was every bite good food? Likely not. Change that and you are on the right path.

Number TWO. Move. Our bodies were meant to go out the door and not come back in until we’ve hunted down dinner. We don’t do that anymore so we need to exercise. No, the calf raise doesn’t count. We’re talking functional, compound movements because that it how are body is supposed to move. Walking the dog doesn’t count either. If you’re not running you’d better be walking awfully fast and pumping those arms! Crunches don’t count either. They’re dumb. Plus they don’t work, so why bother?

Number THREE. Smile. You could also define part three as ATTITUDE. If your attitude sucks then so do you. If you have a bad attitude then you’re lazy butt won’t get out the door for your am walk and you’ll stay unhealthy forever. Count this as factual. However if you have an attitude that nothing is going to stand in your way and you will be successful well then you will be. Take that with you the next time you go to the bank.

America is fat, fat, fat. We are this way because industry is greedy and we are inpatient. We keep buying the books at the store. We keep letting apathetic doctors give us useless meds. We sign up for gym memberships over and over again and quit over and over again right on schedule. We stop at McDonalds over and over again because it’s quick and we are in a hurry. We drink and smoke because we need to relax because we are stressed out because we need to buy this or that….

I could go on all day.

I’ll stop now.

Listen, it starts with you. You need to take 100% responsibility for your health and your life. Move, eat right and have a good attitude. It’s hard, true. It is, however, what you need to do.

OK, last thing. What do I do? You might be thinking that I’m here railing against myself. Oh, the irony. Not true. What I do is provide coaching and support. When people really want to change and strive towards maximum potential I stand next to them and coach, motivate and inspire them. I encourage people to eat right, show them how to move and make them smile. I hold people accountable. If clients don’t want to put forth the effort well then neither do I. I’m not in it for the money. I’m never going to be a millionaire. I do what I do because it’s why I was put on this earth and I relish the opportunity to serve.

You have the tools. If you want me to stand with you on your journey then I will. I won’t do it for you and neither will anybody else.

Good luck to you. I am here if you need me.

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