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Monday, January 18, 2010

What about now?

What about now?

So often we all have dreams and goals that go unfulfilled simply because there never is a “now”. There never is a time when we finally just pull the trigger and tell ourselves that we are no longer going to accept not trying.

There is a country song that I’ve always loved. It’s been around about 10 years so it certainly is a classic. Ironically enough it’s called “What About Now” and it’s by Lonestar.

The theme of the song should be a powerful one to you and me. What ABOUT now? Why not now?
Of better yet: If not now then WHEN?

So often we go through life with a vague idea of what would be nice. Or what we’d “like” to do or “should” do. But when do we do those things? When?

I once heard a story of a man who learned he had 6 months to live. He called his daughter up and asked her to lunch. Over lunch he professed to his daughter his disappointments of what he didn’t do. Things that he meant to do but just didn’t. That story, when I heard it, made my heart ache.

I don’t want to be that guy.

You should want the same for yourself and for your family.

What about now? Maybe it’s time to sit down and plan that vacation you always said you’d take. Maybe it’s time that you called that family member you’ve been meaning to call. Maybe you should be signing up for that marathon you always said you would run.

Maybe this is the year you finally quit smoking or drinking or gambling. Maybe this is the year you lose the weight and get the body that you have always dreamed about.

Sometimes your tomorrow doesn’t ever come. Sometimes you need to start living your tomorrows today. Sometimes your goals and dreams are right outside. Sometimes you just need to turn the handle and open the door.

I’ve led and amazing and fulfilling life. I’ve done so because I have constantly said “What about now”. There have been times in my life when I simply didn’t accept the status quo anymore and got after something better. What about you? What about now?

Stop. Get a pen. What have you been putting off that you just need to do or at least start? Write down 5 things. Now make a plan for each one. Yeah, it will take an hour of your life. Do you think that your life will improve if you do these 5 things in the next 6 months? That’s a dumb question. Of course it will!

See how easy that is!

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I hope today that I’ve given you some good nuggets of information and motivation that you can use. Good luck. All your dreams are waiting for you.

What about now?

Till next time,


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